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Join Infinity Achiever and embark on a journey to master the world of programming with our comprehensive curriculum.

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Who are we?

Located in Kathmandu, Infinity Achiever crafts innovative programming education for young minds. With our tech partners, we foster creativity, critical thinking, and empowerment in a collaborative learning environment. Hire us to shape the tech leaders of tomorrow.

Why us?

Choose Infinity Achiever for a journey where cutting-edge programming education meets empowerment. Our expert-guided, partner-enhanced curriculum fosters creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration, ensuring every student is prepared for tomorrow's tech landscape.

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Our First Year in Numbers


900+ students taught

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3000+ hours spent teaching


5 student projects completed

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Our Learning Pathways

tailored Curriculum

Tailored Curriculum: Interactive courses in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React/Vue, and PHP/NodeJS, grounded in real-world applications and the latest industry standards.

backend development

Comprehensive Backend Development: Deep dive into server-side programming with PHP or NodeJS and SQL for robust web application development.

Python and AI intregration

Python & AI Integration: Advanced Python courses with AI applications, preparing students for cutting-edge technology sectors.

Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning: Students bring ideas to life through hands-on projects, fostering innovation and practical problem-solving skills.

Innovation Showcase: Students' Projects

Behold our students' brilliance as they turn their code into exceptional web experiences, showcasing their ingenuity and technical skills.

Quiz Competition Project

Quiz Competition Project, a dynamic web application designed to encourage and engage entire school communities.

Personal Portfolio Website

Custom Portfolio Website, a project allowing students to reflect or document their unique coding journey.

Trivia Game Project

Trivia Game Project, an educational and interactive platform that offers students a mix of fun and learning.

Assessments, Quizzes, Challenges!

Boost your students' learning skills with our interactive programming tests and quizzes, tailored to inspire students' confidence and curiosity. Empower them to demonstrate their abilities and bring their innovative ideas into reality with our interactive web Assessment App!

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What Our Users Say

Infinity Achiever has received over 1000+ positive reviews from satisfied users across the Nation. Many students have significantly benefited from our platform.

Some of the students were greatly helped by the Infinity Achiever.

Explore their experiences by checking out their reviews.

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Anuja Koirala


The FSS project was a game-changer for me when I first started programming. I became introduced to Flask, OOP, and database administration while creating a quiz app in Python. We felt like winners when we solved bugs with Infinity Achiever mentors. My creativity was liberated by their great advice and resources. For trusting in me, Infinity Achiever is to be thanked. I'm happy with what we managed to do together, and taking these coding classes was a fantastic experience.

Pratyusha Giri


I fell in love with technology and coding in 2080. I enrolled in a web development course during the Dashain break thanks to Infinity Achiever, and I learned HTML, JavaScript, Python, and databases. Through this program, I was able to learn more and see how complicated even seemingly basic projects can be. My curiosity was piqued, and I'm keen to find out more. I am deeply grateful to Infinity Achiever for providing this invaluable opportunity to take coding programs.

Abhishek Thapa


I received the incredible opportunity to enroll in C++ coding classes conducted by our school, in partnership with Infinity Achiever. The curriculum covered everything from fundamental syntax to complex ideas, greatly expanding my knowledge. The Quiz App was created as a result of the crucial collaboration between teachers and students. I highly recommend these coding classes to anyone interested in learning C++.

Nischal Khanal


I joined in Infinity Achiever's C++ coding classes last year. I had only basic knowledge of programming, so I found coding to be difficult. But with the knowledgeable instruction of Infinity Achiever's tutors, my problem-solving abilities improved and I started to like coding. Developing the Quiz Competition application helped me become more proficient and patient. I am extremely grateful of these coding classes, which helped me accomplish more than I could have ever dreamed.

Prince Dhakal


Last year, I delved into C++ under the expert guidance of Infinity Achiever's tutors. Though it was challenging at first, I improved my coding skills through consistently practicing and learning. Selected to develop a Quiz app, I was pushed to unlock my potential. These code classes taught me the value of learning from mistakes. I am deeply grateful for this experience, which has paved a new path for my future, whether in IT or any other field.

Samyog Gharti


I started an exciting adventure into C++ coding under the expert guidance at Infinity Achiever. Despite having no prior experience with coding, these coding lessons sparked my interest and improved my abilities. Developing a Quiz app for a competition was a significant milestone for me. Coding helped me develop -solving and perseverance, turning errors into valuable learning opportunities. I am really appreciative of this experience.

Vinayak Khanal


I boosted my programming skills through Infinity Achiever's coding classes. I improved my logical and conceptual skills under their guidance, achieving project success with creative solutions. These coding programs expanded my understanding of programming applications, essential for software development. So, I highly Infinity Achiever for anyone seeking to further their coding journey and unleash their potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Infinity Achiever?

Infinity Achiever is an outreach educational program provider specializing in in-person coding classes in Kathmandu, Nepal. We focus on shaping young minds by offering programming, robotics, and AI-related courses, tailored to integrate seamlessly with school curriculums.

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What kinds of coding classes do you offer?

We offer a diverse array of coding classes catering to different age groups and skill levels. Our courses include Block Coding, Basic Web Development (HTML/CSS), Advanced Web Development (JavaScript and frameworks like React/Vue), as well as Python programming with AI integration.

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What makes Infinity Achiever different from other places offering coding classes?

Infinity Achiever distinguishes itself by focusing on real-world applications and future-proof technologies. Our curriculum is crafted with input from industry experts to ensure relevance and efficacy.

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